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Samsung ue55ru7470uxxu specs

A brilliant budget option, the RU only falls short of greatness due to a low peak brightness.

samsung ue55ru7470uxxu specs

So far, so ordinary. The only actual difference is that the RU has a metallic trim whereas the RU is all-black. Buy now from Currys PC World. And, crucially, it has the full suite of streaming and catch-up apps. The display is framed with standard-sized bezels that have the same steel grey colour as the rest of the chassis, and it stands upon a classic Y-shaped central stand that forks out towards the viewer, with additional base support extending behind the panel.

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Image 3 of 6. Image 2 of 6. A matte finish would have been preferable here though you can get around the problem by closing the curtains and making sure the lights are low before settling into a film. Image 4 of 6. Some shades also cause low-level Dirty Screen Effect, where a solid colour may not look entirely even when displayed across a large portion of the screen.

Image 6 of 6. Overscan, the feature that sometimes cuts off the borders of images to help them fit the screen, cannot be turned off for non-4K content.

Samsung UE55NU8000 Review

There is one major weak point, however: the RU suffers from narrow viewing angles. Sadly, this prevents the RU from boosting perceived contrast by switching off LEDs in specific zones across the set — something which can improve image quality no end. As a result, we noticed some jarring brightness fluctuations in transitions from dark to light scenes and vice versa.

Due to its refresh rate of 60Hz, the RU needs to employ processing to play 24fps movie content smoothly. Turning on frame interpolation aka motion smoothing irons out the judder, but it also introduces the dreaded Soap Opera Effect SOE which makes films look less Hollywood, more Hollyoaks. Our advice is to keep motion smoothing off and just put up with the judder during panning shots on 24p content. Image 5 of 6. As the TV already has a low peak brightness to begin with the final result is an image that is far too dark.

In fact, its wide range of streaming services, superb upscaling, fantastic colour accuracy and ultra-low input lag mean that you may not miss HDR at all — HDR aside, it really is a superb all-rounder for the money. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Tom Bruce. Image 1 of 6. Our Rating. Price when reviewed. Buy Now. See related. All you need to know about High Dynamic Range, and why you should care. Read more Reviews Home cinema systems.With over 17 million colours in a wider colour range and a striking UHD picture, see every shade in a sunset or every rich tone in the latest TV show.

Uncover deep and sharp details that make every scene burst from the screen with enhanced High Dynamic Range. Then clear the clutter on your coffee table and control all of your compatible devices and content with One Remote Control. Take just 3 clicks to discover must have entertainment on the powerful Smart Hub, ramp up the audio on your soundbar or surf the web on the big screen-all from a single remote.

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Experience complete control, even with your voice. Talk to your TV remote and effortlessly find shows and search content just by speaking. Even discovering a catchy theme tune or an epic soundtrack becomes effortless. Find out exactly what you're listening to and reveal the names of songs playing in live TV. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?

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Samsung UE55RU7470UXXU 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Bixby reviews and prices: TV

Physical Characteristics Depth with Stand Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. Most Popular.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site.

Learn More. Offers solid performance, a state-of-the-art smart system, very low input lag, and great value — but it's let down by mediocre HDR. The inch version uses a 60Hz panel, but the other sizes are all Hz. Related: Best TVs. Nevertheless, it remains an attractive TV; it has a modern, slimline appearance. The rear is black plastic, with a ridged effect to give it some texture. The panel sits on a centrally mounted T-shaped stand, styled in dark silver to match the strip along the bottom of the screen.

The support column at the rear has a V-shape that gives the impression the screen is floating in mid-air. One of the inputs also supports ARC audio return channel. A more traditionally styled controller is included, too, for those who prefer going old school. This allows you to monitor and control any smart devices in your home via an on-screen hub. The smart platform is built around a launcher bar for quick and easy access to content. The TV Plus feature puts all TV content in a single location, alongside plenty of recommendations — which, thankfully, are now easier to find.

The Samsung UE55NU is very impressive in most aspects of its performance, although there are a couple of areas that disappoint. First the good stuff. Colours are suitably natural and, as a result, images look pleasingly realistic. The level of detail is excellent, thanks to some highly effective image processing. Samsung has always produced sophisticated upscaling, and the UE55NU is able to render every last pixel of detail as it scales lower-resolution content to match the UHD panel.

The TV can take advantage of the panel having double the frame rate of standard broadcasting to generate a smoother image. This is called frame interpolation, and it can be highly beneficial when it comes to sport.

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The downside is that you might see flicker. The input lag is an incredibly low 18ms, which should please even the most demanding of gamers. The VA panel might result in deep blacks, but it also means the TV has fairly narrow viewing angles. The fact the LEDs are along the bottom means that the backlight can suffer from clouding. As a result, with darker scenes some parts of the screen will be lighter than others.

It can vary from TV to TV, and the amount of ambient light in the room will also make a difference. The backlight uniformity was more of an issue at night, although a bit of bias lighting behind the TV could help in this regard. Where this backlight uniformity became more of an issue was with HDR. The local dimming tried its best, but there was often haloing as well, with a glow around bright objects. In reality, that should be bright enough for an effective HDR performance, but this was compounded by the backlight issues.

The HDR colour accuracy could also have been better, with over-saturated reds and a blue-push to flesh tones. These speakers form a 2. The TV can go reasonably loud, although if you push it too hard, the sound can become distorted and the woofer can actually shake the screen.We were wowed by the super sharp display and incredible contrast. Plus, find what you want with voice search.

HDR displays the brightest and darkest colours in each frame, so everything from dimly lit dialogue scenes to nature documentaries look vivid and realistic.

Control your Smart home Bixby is built-in, so you can control your TV just by speaking to it. You can even manage and control smart appliances, such as your lights, heating and washing machine in the same way.

The TV works with SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, so you can dim the lights, turn up the thermostat so you're nice and cosy, and check the wash cycle from the comfort of your sofa.

Unboxing the Samsung RU7470 (Eclipse Silver)

Find the perfect shows for you Spend less time navigating and more time watching great content. The Samsung RU picks up on the kind of movies and TV shows you watch to make suggestions you're bound to love. And you'll find suggestions easily, too. The Universal Guide displays popular shows from loads of streaming services, alongside a selection tailored just for you. That means you can make a choice straight away, without switching between apps. The Premium One Remote Control connects to all your compatible devices.

Crank up the volume on your sound bar, play the latest movies on your Blu-ray player, or even browse the internet on your TV, all from one handy remote. The delivery charge will be detailed in your basket. There are a variety of chargeable delivery options for these items which are detailed during the checkout process. Products will be sent as soon as possible, but may be delayed due to supply chain pressures.

For large items kitchen appliances, large screen TVs etc. If you have selected recycling, please ensure your existing appliance is disconnected and defrosted where relevant before our team arrive. Where installation has been purchased, our team will disconnect your existing appliance, install your new product and connect it to existing services within 1 meter. Please note: Installations are only available to domestic premises.

Our installers are not authorised to install any products within any commercial location. To request a price match for: Online purchases : Contact us here. In store purchases : Contact us here. If you bought online: call us on and have your receipt handy.Use manuals file type: PDF. Samsung - Televisions. Reviews About Contact Database. Model Serial No.

Before reading this user manual, review the following: User Manual Read this provided user manual to see information about product safety, installation, accessories, initial configuration, and product specifications.

samsung ue55ru7470uxxu specs

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Learning the functions of the buttons that appear on e-Manual topic pages Try Now Allows you to access the corresponding menu item and try out the feature right away. Link Access an underlined topic referred to on an e-Manual page immediately. The apps can also be moved or deleted in the screen. Get help from a detailed, on-screen user's manual built into your TV. Access and control menu options and functions using Bixby. English - 3 Warning! Refer to the table below for an explanation of symbols which may be on your Samsung product.

Electric Flex D Fan Page. Correct it, if wrong!When you're on the hunt for one of the best TVs for you, you have a lot of options. Whether you want smart functions, picture enhancements or just something that works with the stuff you already own, shopping for TVs can be a bit overwhelming.

One way to cut down on the confusion is to find the brand that best fits what you want. We test dozens of TVs every year, from the top premium models to the most affordable budget systems, and the differences between the best TV brands and the worst can be huge. The brand name on a new TV can tell you what sort of smart features it offers, what technologies are inside and even how reliable the set will be over time. There are plenty of TV brands out there, but when it comes to which is best, it's LG vs.

Samsung vs. Keeping in mind that each model of TV will have its own unique blend of strengths and weaknesses, which we highlight in our in-depth testing and reviews, here's how the three best TV brands stack up.

Samsung UE50RU7470UXXU 50" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Bixby reviews and prices: TV

Obviously, with an OLED panel providing rich black levels and pixel-perfect illumination, the contrast and clarity are superb, but it's matched by the 2. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa capability built-in, it offers the best of both voice assistants, right from the convenience of your couch.

And connectivity is the best on the market, with HDMI 2. Available in sizes ranging from 48 inches up to 75 inches, it's the OLED to get regardless of what size room it's going into. It also has Amazon Alexa built in, a welcome improvement over the Bixby voice assistant alone. The most affordable member of the QLED family, Samsung's Q60T is good but not great, falling short of the quality seen on last year's equivalent model.

From a limited port selection and lower refresh rate to the less powerful Quantum Processor 4K Lite handling video processing and smart features, the Q60T feels like it lowered the quality to offer a lower price. That's especially evident when watching fast motion, which blurs and smears, or viewing from an angle, which leaves the colors washed out.

Sony's powerful processing delivers smooth and clear picture quality, even when upscaling from lower resolutions, and the smart capabilities are excellent.

samsung ue55ru7470uxxu specs

Google Assistant is built in, along with Google Chromecast for easy mobile sharing, but you also get optional Amazon Alexa support, and support for Apple HomeKit and AirPlay, making it an easy addition to any smart home ecosystem. All told, it's one of the best TVs of the year. Samsung's smart TV experience is rich and full-featured, with some of the best smart home integration we've seen, even on affordable models.

Enhanced with a layer of quantum dotswhich deliver better color and brightness than you'll find on traditional LCD displays, Samsung's QLED panels also come with a number of additional enhancements. These include wide-angle viewing and a blazing backlight that offers brighter highlights and more vivid color, even in brightly lit environments.

While less-expensive models don't offer the quantum-dot enhancements seen on the QLED line, Samsung's standard LCD models still offer strong performance with decent brightness and HDR performance, as well as strong color reproduction.

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Samsung also delivers excellent aesthetics, with designs that look good even from behind. The stylized designs aren't as pronounced on less expensive models, like the Samsung inch LED NUbut even more-basic models tend toward the chic.

But the other area where Samsung really stands out is its smart TV experience. The Samsung Smart TV platform — available on the full range of Samsung smart TVs, from pricey to affordable — offers a wide assortment of apps and plenty of customization options. But it delivers a lot of capability in an easy-to-navigate format. Samsung's smart home integration is second to none, providing easy compatibility with the entire Samsung SmartThings ecosystem and plenty of third-party devices.

It's actually our favorite smart TV option for connected-home enthusiasts. And if you're one of the few people in the market for an 8K TV, the Samsung Q QLED line offers the widest range of sizes, from a relatively reasonable inch model up to a giant inch model. But unlike other outdoor models we've looked at, the Terrace boasts a quantum dot display, full-array backlight with local dimming, and all of the smart features you expect from a premium Samsung TV. But Samsung's excellent TVs aren't without their drawbacks.

The biggest are self-imposed by Samsung, such as the reliance on Bixby, Samsung's proprietary voice assistant. Without the accuracy and speed of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexausing Bixby feels fine when it works.

Samsung RU7470 LED TV review

But when it doesn't, it's an exercise in frustration that will leave you barking commands into your remote control over and over again, hoping that this time you'll be understood. The other self-inflicted problem? The beauty of OLED is undeniable, offering a superior blend of color reproduction, top-notch accuracy and lighting that surpasses anything an LCD can offer.

This last item, per-pixel illumination, is where OLED really shines, allowing the display to deliver perfect blacks and the brighter brights of high-dynamic range HDR content without that bright glow spilling over into other parts of the display. Unlike the quantum dots that provide a perkier picture on Samsung QLED TVs, LG's NanoCell technology is all about maximizing color quality by removing unwanted color from the display's 8 million pixels, providing truer, brighter color.None of these are models that exist in the US or Australia.

If you want to use headphones, then Bluetooth is your best bet. In terms of pure measurements, the set is Fortunately, the connectivity options are good and the premium, metal One Remote controller is superb. Tizen is clear, intuitive, highly responsive no matter which controller you use, and has all the major apps covered. The same cannot be said of any other TV OS at the time of writing. It offers shortcuts to a few of the more important picture and sound modes and allows you to easily switch sources — while also being able to auto-detect and name those sources by type.

You might be expecting a whole flow chart of confusion but Samsung has done an excellent job of keeping even the areas under the expert tabs pretty minimal and straightforward. The Tizen experience is made all the better with the excellent One Remote and Bixby voice control. The One Remote manages to condense all the volume, channel and navigation controls into a dinky and solid feeling format.

It also works as a gesture remote for the on-screen cursor. If you press the microphone button in the corner, then you can also speak into it for Bixby to understand, and through Bixby you can search for all kinds of content, switch sources and channels and more.

Thankfully, instead of becoming blotchy or looking too digitised, the UHD processor tends to smooth it out like a good layer of foundation make-up. The end result is a very watchable experience. That's our only disappointment with a set at this price. Instead the company has made a far harder play of actually aiming for a quality picture.

The end result is a very good 4K HDR picture with a wonderful sense of depth. Clouds and other backgrounds look remarkably solid and characters in the foreground look real and three-dimensional. All the same the details in the dark areas of the picture are very impressive. There are three major sound modes — Standard, Optimised and Ambient. At the same time, though, the waves crash against the bows without the bass to give a feeling of impact.

Ambient mode rolls off the treble for a more bottom-heavy effect — albeit at the expense of the subtler parts of the soundtrack — and pushes the sound out a little wider. It might feel more immersive and cinematic, and better for listening to music, but Optimised is probably the better way to go.

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Here, the TV analyzes your environment and adjusts its equaliser for what it considers to be the right settings for your room. If you want good sound, go and buy a soundbar. Doubtless, the Panasonic is a prettier object to look at. The backlighting is a bit patchy and the close control of the picture is much less subtle. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.


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